Bringing Diversity to Life

Beyond Diversity Consulting helps organizations become stronger and more sustainable. We offer customized education, diversity metrics, and change management services to move organizations to the next level of growth.


Beyond Diversity Consulting offers customized education, high-quality written materials, insightful diversity metrics and support for your organization’s growth plans.

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Respectful, inclusive workshop facilitation
Fast, high-quality production of curriculum materials and written publications
Collaborative, flexible working style
Follow-up support with organizations for implementation



"I am impressed by Kamilla's knowledge about diversity and her thoughtful responses which encourage deeper thought. I especially appreciate her abilities to interact effectively with a group. I have seen her take initiative in moving projects forward and she is not afraid to challenge others, yet always in a very respectful and positive manner. I would certainly recommend Kamilla to other agencies who need expert advice about diversity issues."


Joyce Brinkerhoff, Co-President, Intercultural Society of the Central Okanagan

We deliver workshops, diversity audits, written materials and curriculum services to support diversity, inclusion and anti-bullying initiatives in workplaces, government offices, non-profits and schools.


You can expect these benefits from your work with Beyond Diversity Consulting:

  • Increased morale 
  • Reduced conflict
  • A more inclusive & welcoming organization
  • Identification of approaches to draw out everyone’s abilities
  • Creation of a roadmap for facilitating sustainable change in your organization